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Robot arm


The goal of the development was the reduction of the component weight and the increase of the resistance for real crash cases. An essential boundary condition was that serial production should be possible with acceptable costs.


The solution is a preform produced by TFP-technique that is aligned to stress fields and that is wound around a foam core. The preform is impregnated with epoxy resin by the RTM-method.
The robot arm is going to be used in the KUKA KR 180 PA robot. The realised weight reduction of 60 % compared to the aluminium component enables the robot with a wider range and a higher maximum speed. At the same time the load capacity and the centre of gravity of the robot are greatly improved. A consequence of the weight reduction is the possible use of smaller gears and drive units that could help to decrease the costs of the entire system. Current series production: 200 pieces per year..

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